Our activities

Concept and Document Management

The Concept and Document Management division is in charge to develop, review and maintain concepts, doctrine, directives and initiatives aimed to further harmonize PR policy, doctrine and Standards as directed by the EPRC Commander.

To achieve this objective, this division supports the commander in the development of relations with the most important PR stakeholders (EAG, NATO, EU, JPRA…)
With NATO’s recent publication of the AJP 3.7 (NATO doctrine) and the ACO Manual the Concept and Management Division aims to become one of the major actors in this area, especially by supporting a common understanding and implementation of the newly published documents for all PR actors; helping also in further developing TTPs that might become a proper ATP once.

Education & Training Area

The Education & Training Area supports the development and conduct of courses and training events for two of the three target audiences of Personnel Recovery; Commanders & Staffs and Recovery Forces.
For commanders and staffs, the EPRC supports and conducts the Joint Personnel Recovery Staff Course (JPRSC), created by EU nations as part of the EDA framework. This course is aimed at personnel that will fulfill a primary duty in a PR cell as part of a (multi)national headquarter. The EPRC is also available on call to provide training and education for Key Leadership based on case-by-case requirements.
For the recovery forces, the EPRC conducts the Air Centric Personnel Recovery Operatives Course (APROC). The aim of this course is to teach aircrew and extraction forces to work together in planning and executing recovery missions using standardised procedures, terminology and formats.

Operations Advice and Assistance and Lessons Identified/ Lessons Learned (OAA/LI/LL)

The OAA/ LI/LL Section supports the EPRC nations and international organizations with JPR expertise in support of Exercises and Operations (e.g. initial setup of JPRC/PRCC and writing plans and orders) if such support is requested.
It maintains and updates an EPRC database related to PR worldwide events, LL, findings and observations from past and ongoing Operations.
Furthermore, the Section links to NATO JALLC and national LI processes to support the analysis/dissemination of LI/LL in order to update and adapt Policy and Doctrine and TTPs.

Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Extraction (SERE)

The SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Extraction) Section focuses on the standardization issues in this field of work. It provides the nations’ SERE Schools with a forum to meet and exchange ideas and share experience in this group.
Provides SERE SMEs support as being an integral part of the PR system to cdr’s, European & EPRC nations and give operational advice on SERE Techniques, Tactics, procedures and SERE equipment to CDRs, European & EPRC nations.
Organizes, supports & coordinates in SERE workshops / seminars for train the trainer purposes.