The EPRC takes part in the 48th NATO’s PR/SAR WG Meeting

From 17th to 20th April 2023, the EPRC took part in the 48th meeting of the NATO PR/SAR WG, held in London, in the premises of the Honorary Artillery Company. This forum, under the authority of the NATO Standardisation Office (NSO), focusses on doctrines and standards development.

The EPRC, striving to act as a PR hub in Europe, is a permanent non-voting member of the Working Group. It actively contributes to the works of the Group, especially as it hosts the NLD Custodian of two major NATO STANAGs, the one related to SERE Training and the one related to PR TTPs.

The six-monthly PR/SAR WG meetings allow all Custodians of NATO PR-related doctrines to report and update the member nations on their documents. They also aim at gathering other relevant stakeholders, either agencies or organisations, to present and discuss topics of interest.

This meeting was the occasion, inter alia, to report on the latest stages of development of the SERE training STANAG, and to discuss the structure of the revised PR TTPs document. Fruitful exchanges also took place regarding terminology, future challenges of the PR capability, and the interest for NATO in creating a PR centre of excellence.

Such forums are definitely playing a positive role in formalising the necessary PR doctrinal references, and more broadly in contributing to build the PR capability among the Alliance, an effort towards which the EPRC is keen to actively contribute in complement to the priority output for its Member Nations.