The Deputy Director of the European Air Group visits the EPRC

As part of the cooperation activities conducted by the EPRC to achieve its mission, Commander EPRC Colonel Hervé Lahille welcomed the Deputy Director of the European Air Group (EAG), BGen (FRA ASF) Xavier Foissey, on 3rd of May, 2023.

The EAG is the multinational entity where the EPRC was originated from, in 2015.

The exchanges between the executive levels of the two organisations focussed on the implementation of the terms of the Letter of Cooperation, signed in March 2022. After a generic presentation of the main work strands of the EPRC, the discussion concentrated more specifically on the way a Forward Arming and Refuelling Point (FARP) Force Integration Training (FIT), conducted by the EAG, could be run alongside the Air-centric PR Operatives Course (APROC), one of the EPRC’s flagship activities run yearly in Albacete, ESP.

Following a tour of the EPRC premises, the Deputy Director was also given the opportunity by Host Nation Italy to visit the Tactical PR Mission Simulator (TPRMS), an EDA-funded synthetic training demonstrator, another symbol of multinational cooperation in the field of Personnel Recovery.

Both commanders expressed their satisfaction about the visit, a sign of reinforced cooperation between the two entities which, in their domain, catalyse the interoperability between their seven Member Nations.