Thank you MG Candotti… Welcome BG Conserva…

On Wednesday the 17th of May 2017 the monthly Director’s briefing usually organized to present the EPRC Director with an update on the Centre’s activities, challenges and achievements was dedicated to an informal salute to MG Gianni Candotti leaving his post as DEPRC next June and to welcome to the new COM COA, and consequently ITALY’s STEERING GROUP MEMBER, BG Antonio Raffaele Conserva.

The morning started with a nationally focused briefing led by Col. Fanelli and the introduction of the Italian staff members of the EPRC. Col. Fanelli presented BG Conserva with the main milestones that led to the creation of the Centre as well as its current structure, activities and future goals. Obviously, special emphasis was given to the upcoming APROC 2017 and its DV Day, which saw Gen. Conserva’s enthusiasm raise even further as he spoke of his ideas and intentions of promoting the visibility of the Course at national and international levels. In a further session, the remaining EPRC staff became involved in this event and information was passed by the APROC Course Director, the other international EPRC staff to include the Senior National Officers represented.
Before giving the floor to MG Candotti, COM EPRC expressed his gratitude for always believing in the EPRC project from the start and for his constant and tireless work and support. Moreover, he highlighted the need for MG Candotti to continue to work in support of the EPRC even in his new post in order to achieve, among other goals, the important signature of a Treaty that would put the EPRC on a stable legal basis.
MG Candotti, on his part, expressed his gratitude to everyone, highlighting the hard work that is being carried out by each one of the staff members. In his words, he expressed the desire to remain close to the EPRC also from “afar”, promoting its activities and output as it so much deserves.
In what now seems to have become an EPRC tradition, the meeting was followed by a tasty barbecue that was enjoyed by all participants and was the ideal venue to foster interaction between all those involved.


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