Reintegration training was successfully completed

From 25th to 29th of July the EPRC hosted a Reintegration training session at its premises in Poggio Renatico AB. This training was organised as an answer to the interest expressed by Nations during one of the SERE School Leaders’ Working Group (SSLWG) Meetings and was based on a U.S. offer through the involvement of Mobile Training Teams from their Joint Personnel Recovery Agency – Personnel Recovery Education & Training Centre (JPRA – PRETC). The intent was to provide the trainees with a training multiplier that Nations can use as a starting point for establishing their Reintegration Training programs.

Reintegration is a task within the Personnel Recovery (PR) system with the purpose to allow the successfully recovered individual (former Isolated Personnel) to return with honour back to his/her Unit and to identify any possible requirements to improve SERE TTPs, training and equipment. In order to return to service duty, but most importantly to its normal life, the mental and physical health of the individual needs to be protected. Following the NATO regulations, the Reintegration process lies under the individual’s Nation’s responsibility. Therefore, many Nations have identified the need to improve their capability to implement autonomously this process by relying on this U.S. training.

Students from BEL, CZE, DEU, DNK, ESP, FRA, GBR, NLD, and SWE travelled to Poggio Renatico AB for the course, joined by three JPRA/PRETC-provided trainers’ team, which included highly experienced debriefers, a SERE Specialist, and a SERE Psychologist. This was accomplished through the discussion of examples and experiences the U.S. has encountered throughout the last decades.

Observing the success of this training, the EPRC warmly thanks all entities and personnel involved for their efforts and contributions, aimed at improving cooperation and enhancing interoperability.


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