ITALY, 19 - 29 SEPTEMBER 2023

The first iteration in 2023 of the EPRC’s Joint Personnel Recovery Staff Course (JPRSC) was held at Poggio Renatico Air Base from the 19th to the 29th September 2023 and was hosted in the Italian JFAC facilities.

This iteration was organised and conducted by the EPRC Permanent Staff with the outstanding support provided by external PR experts coming from the EPRC Member Nations, NATO Centre of Excellence (JAPCC), and Partner Nation Romania. The EPRC as a small, though efficient organisation, has always relied on the support of such external instructors with strong experience in the field of PR, who provide their valuable support in various ways, mainly delivering PR-related lectures and instructing the students tasked to resolve simulated PR events through the conduct of roleplays.

The EPRC experimented during this edition a revised syllabus giving all trainees the possibility to act within a JPRC, and the opportunity to play at Director JPRC/PRCC level.

Nineteen military students, originated from various Services and coming from five EPRC Nations: (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and The Netherlands), from a NATO entity (AIRCOM HQ in Ramstein) and from the EPRC internally, attended the Course. All of them successfully completed the syllabus and were graduated to operate as PR Staff Members in a JPRC/PRCC in case of operations and/or exercises. The Course, which is a NATO-selected one, was also a unique opportunity for the participants to strengthen ties and contribute to create a valuable PR network.

As an add-on to the standard syllabus, the students were offered a highly valuable lecture about a real-life experience, with a Belgium officer sharing his PR activities within the MINUSMA in Mali.

The EPRC is planning to deliver another iteration of the Course around February-March 2024.

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