EPRC JPR Staff Course 22-01 completed

Italy, 08 February – 18 February 2022

The first iteration in 2022 of the NATO-selected EPRC’s Joint Personnel Recovery Staff Course (JPRSC) was held from the 8th to the 18th of February 2022 inside the Italian JFAC facilities at Poggio Renatico Air Base.

The venue, the availability of which was granted by Italy as Host Nation, was set up by the EPRC IT Team in close collaboration with the HN dedicated staff. Not only was the result a perfect configuration answering all of technical requirements, but also offered an increased grade of realism to the operational environment.

This 22-01 iteration was organised and conducted by the EPRC Permanent Staff with the outstanding support provided by external PR experts coming from the NATO Command Structure (HQ AIRCOM, CAOC Uedem and DACCC), NATO Centre of Excellence (JAPCC) and the EPRC Nations. The EPRC has always relied on the support of such external instructors with strong experience in the field of PR, who provide their valuable support in various ways, mainly through the delivery of lectures and also through the conduction of role plays when the groups of students are divided into the learning syndicates. An education to PR within small syndicates, in fact, have been recognised as being and essential way for the active engagement of participants, thus contributing to their evolving learning curve throughout the whole Course.

18 military students coming from 11 different Nations (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States and, for the first time, Canada) and originated from various Services successfully completed the Course and were awarded the EPRC Certification that allows them to act as JPR Staff Members in a JPRC/PRCC in Operations and/or Exercises. Besides the official certification, the Course also gave the participants the possibility to strengthen ties and create a valuable network of PR-related connections both in Europe and across the Atlantic.

Of note, the JPRS Course welcomed a civilian participant from the German Federal Police, a first-of-its-kind seen as a highly gratifying experience for all EPRC staff and a unique opportunity to share a new and precious point of view on PR-related matters. We are really looking forward to receiving more applications from non-military personnel since they are an essential part of the Personnel Recovery system, seen as the sum of all civil, diplomatic and military effort to recover isolated personnel.

Following this successful 22-01 Course, the EPRC is currently planning a new iteration of the Course, currently planned in September-October 2022. Calling Notice coming soon…

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