EPRC hosts the 1st PR Lessons Learned Workshop

The workshop (WS) is the result of an initiative the EPRC nations decided to implement. A low level of sharing in the approach used towards the lessons learned was detected within the PR community and this WS is intended to elevate this activity to a level that it is relevant for it.

The event was held at the Poggio Renatico Airbase on 09-10 May 2017 and brought together 15 participants who were dealing with Lessons Learned and Personnel Recovery at the same time.
Representatives came from the Lessons Learned, Capabilities Development & Assessments Area of the US Joint Personnel Recovery Agency, the NATO JWC (Stavanger), the NATO DACCC, France and Italy. In addition, the senior national representatives of the EPRC were attending the WS.
The objectives set out were to understand and compare the different national and NATO Lesson Learned systems, and analyse existing gaps relating to the LI/LL in the Personnel Recovery community worldwide.

In order to facilitate the discussion, participants were provided with identified topics and issues considered as relevant ‘food for thought’.
Moreover, the workshop focused on creating a constructive and forward-looking discussion on how to bridge significant gaps within the LL/ LI process, taking into account a shared vision of the future, in which a multinational and comprehensive approach always proves to be a good choice when dealing with these matters. For this reason, the EPRC is particularly grateful to the contributions brought by the external experts coming from the JPRA and NATO organizations who joined the workshop, and it is strongly committed to turn this event into a venue that allows recurring exchange of best practices in this field of work in order to foster Personnel Recovery in general.


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