4-15 April 2016 – 7ᵗʰ PRCPC – Personnel Recovery Controllers and Planners Course

The Personnel Recovery Controllers and Planners Course (PRCPC) provides the basic skills to act as a PR officer, or a staff member in a PRCC or JPRC within an EU, NATO or a national staff in operations or exercises. The aim of the course is that the students demonstrate knowledge, skills and abilities to prepare, plan, execute and adapt Personnel Recovery in a staff for new or ongoing operations. The course is based on the EU Concept for Personnel Recovery in support of CSDP and current NATO´s PR documentation.

During the first week it focuses on the execution of Personnel Recovery operations and during the second week it is centered on the PR elements of operational planning at national, component or joint levels in accordance with the course syllabus developed within the EDA Project Team Personnel Recovery CAT B project.
This was the second iteration of the course provided by EPRC and the course has been recently selected by NATO.
CAT B project: Contributing member states are Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands and Sweden (LN). From 30 May 2013 to 30 May 2017. EPRC is a potential candidate for the continuation of the project in June 2017 Meaning that meets a NATO E&IT requirement.


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