3rd NATO JPR Seminar successfully concluded

On Friday 1 February 2019 the fourth edition of the NATO Joint Personnel Recovery Seminar concluded after an intense week of lectures and activities.  The seminar was scheduled by ACT, organised by AIRCOM and the European Personnel Recovery Centre (EPRC) and supported by the Joint Personnel Agency (JPRA) from the US.

Fulfilling NATO training requirements set forth by NATO’s Allied Command Transformation, the Seminar was held in Ferrara for the third time in order to provide general information on Personnel Recovery specifics to interested personnel.  As in the past two years, the Carlton Hotel proved to be a great venue for this annual seminar, which is scheduled to be conducted annually in January.

The Seminar attracted 79 delegates from 16 countries covering most European countries including Turkey, the USA and Canada.  NATO and other organizations that have an interest in the field of Personnel Recovery (PR) such as the JPRA, JAPCC, CAOC UEDEM, NATO ACT and NSHQ were all represented.  In addition, the Chairman of the EDA Project Team PR attended with a national mandate, adding a valuable link to this important entity in European Personnel Recovery matters.  

To fulfil the above-mentioned requirements, the Seminar was designed to provide the basics on NATO’s PR activities.  Furthermore, experienced Subject Matter Experts added insights and detailed knowledge of which seminar attendees took eager advantage.  The result was that the seminar provided a very solid and thorough introduction to NATO’s Personnel Recovery capability.

In order to foster personal interaction among seminar delegates, the EPRC organised a social event that took the group for a visit to the LAMBORGHINI car museum and the FICO-Eataly agri-food park in the Bologna area. 

This extension of the day was both pleasant, informative and constructive for all attendees. The JPR Seminar closed its doors with the announcement that there will be a further opportunity to learn about NATO’s PR efforts in January 2020 at Ferrara.