39th SSLWG meeting

The 39th meeting of the SERE School Leaders’ Working Group (SSLWG) was held in Germany from the 08th to the 12th of May 2023. The commanders of the German SERE schools (II. and IV. Wings), located at the Special Operations Training Centre (SOTC) / International Special Forces Training Centre (ISTC) in Pfullendorf, together with the SSLWG Chairman, welcomed the 38 participants coming from 19 different Nations. The main topic already agreed by the participants for this iteration was “The future SERE training and challenges”, complemented with a session discussing Resistance Training.

On day one of the meeting, after having officially welcomed Lithuania a 25th SSLWG Member Nation, the participants were given a chance to receive useful information originated from other Personnel Recovery-related meetings (e.g., the NATO PR/SAR WG meeting), as well as details on the specific EPRC activities and an introduction on the organization of the German SERE schools.

Day two focussed on the meeting’s main topic: “Future SERE training and challenges”, with participants divided into small syndicates to be able to discuss more openly and proactively various sub-topics.

The participants visited the training facilities at the SOTC during day 3, while the last day was dedicated to address the Resistance Training matter, with some guest speakers reporting their real-life experiences, triggering a discussion on ways to improve operators’ education and training.

Building on its unchallenged success, the EPRC-chaired SSLWG will conduct its 40th meeting in Denmark, in the 2nd week of November 2023.