EPRC support Spanish SOF community

The first Spanish SOF JPR seminar took place in Alcantarilla Air Base, Murcia (Spain) from 21st to 23rd May 2019, organized by the Joint Special Operations Headquarter (MCOE).

The EPRC provided its specialized support to this venue on request of the Spanish Joint Special Air Operations and Personnel Recovery Directorate (JSAO&PR).

EPRC contributed to the creation of the program with JPR expertise by presenting lectures with the focus on identifying the capabilities and strengths of the Spanish SOF in support of the two most likely situations, being potential ISOPs or acting as Recovery Forces, with a determination of standardization among participants.

Participants to the seminar were selected from major HQ and all services. This included the above mentioned HQs, the Spanish Army (EMMOE) and Air Force (EMP) SERE schools, the Land (MOE), Maritime (FGNE) and Air (EZAPAC) SOF units and helicopter units. This opportunity intended to get these units together in order to discuss about JPR since these missions will play an important role in the future SOFEX, the main exercise of the Spanish SOF units led by the Joint Special Operations Headquarter (MCOE).

The seminar successfully combined presentations of the capabilities by different units and lectures delivered by the EPRC, aiming at increasing attendees’ JPR knowledge and skills for solving isolating events at Special Operations Task Group (SOTG) level.

The seminar specially highlighted, the touch points between SOF and JPR as Joint Operations, and the outstanding capabilities SOF units may offer to joint PR effort. One of the main findings was the need of including JPR considerations at the earliest possible stage in planning and training.